Grocery Shopping List Apps

A shopping list is a list of items to buy, usually groceries. Shopping lists have been around for thousands of years. The earliest examples date back to the ancient world of Mesopotamia, some 2000 B.C. There are even Biblical and Roman examples. Today, we use grocery lists to help us plan our grocery shop.


The AnyList grocery shopping list app is a great tool for creating and sharing grocery lists. You can organize items by category and share your lists with friends and family. You can also send a copy of your list by email or SMS. AnyList even offers recipes and meal planning. You can add ingredients for your recipes to the grocery list.

AnyList lets you share your lists with other people, so you don’t have to carry around a pen and paper with you. You can share your shopping lists with others, or just keep a copy for yourself. The app is also convenient because it automatically updates with the latest prices, and you can even share it with family and friends.

Some users report slow download times when using the AnyList grocery shopping list. This can be caused by the app’s large file size. When using the app with a slower connection, you should check the size of the installation file in the app store. If the installation file is large, it will take some time to download and load.

The cost of developing a grocery app varies depending on the features that you want. A readymade grocery list app may cost up to $10,000. To create your own grocery list app, you’ll need an idea, a team of experienced developers, and market research. A unique idea can give your business a competitive edge over competitors.


Mealboard allows you to create and manage grocery lists by entering in your list of ingredients. Recipes from different sources can also be imported into the app, as can prices and quantities. Mealboard also allows you to add and delete items, as well as rearrange aisles so you can find the items you need.

Mealboard is the most popular grocery list app. It allows you to plan your meals using a calendar and choose recipes from the app. You can also manage the ingredients and meal types in the app. You can add unlimited recipes to the app. Another feature is that it keeps track of pantry inventory.

MealBoard is an iOS app that helps you plan your meals for the week. You can also add recipes to your list manually. You can also adjust the serving sizes for each dish and save meal plans as templates. The app also includes a grocery shopping list feature and a pantry list feature.

Mealboard is one of the most cost-effective meal planning apps on the market. It costs $3.99 and does not require a monthly fee. It also syncs with Facebook and other social media apps. It also lets you organize and scan receipts for easy grocery shopping.

Cozi Family Organizer

For busy families, the Cozi Family Organizer can be a lifesaver. The app keeps track of your schedule, grocery shopping list, and more. It uses color-coding so you can see who’s doing what and when. It also allows you to share grocery lists, recipes, and agendas with family members. Plus, you can use the app on any device. It’s so convenient that it’s been called a “must-have” app.

In addition to keeping track of grocery lists, Cozi also provides a family journal and meal planner, and has integrated calendar and to-do lists. It can also help you save money by helping you plan meals and stick to your budget. You can download the app on Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

The Cozi app offers the best features for grocery list apps. It eliminates the hassle of sticky notes and forgotten lists. Family members can access and edit lists from anywhere and can access them when they are at the store. Plus, they can check the items other family members have added.

Cozi is one of the best apps for families. Not only does it keep track of your grocery list, but you can also create meal plans and email them to others, making it easier than ever to plan a family dinner. And you can add recipes from the web too! Just add a link in the search bar, and Cozi will automatically import the ingredients. Afterwards, you can easily transfer the ingredients from the recipe to the grocery list.


Once you’ve added an item to your Basket, you can use the app to compare prices from multiple stores. You can choose to search for generic items or specific brands and product names. You can also tap on a store’s listing to see more details and the price. If you’re unsure about the price of an item, you can always go to the store and verify it for yourself.

Another helpful feature of Basket is its clear interface, which lets you easily see what you have in your shopping list. You can also create multiple lists and assign different colors for different lists. You can also add a comment and quantity to each item, as well as share your lists via email or text message. You can even use the app to organize recipes.

Basket lets you search for groceries and compare prices, so you don’t have to make multiple trips to the store. It can also help you save money by helping you determine which stores sell a certain item at the lowest price. It also helps you compare prices from different stores, which can be useful if you’re an extreme couponer.

Aside from helping you organize your shopping list before a shopping trip, it also helps you stay on track once you arrive at the store. You can mark items off your list as you go, and it will also ask you whether they’re priced correctly.


Yummly is a great way to save time when grocery shopping. It allows you to create lists with recipes that you want to make and can even print the recipes. It also has a mobile app that makes ordering groceries easier. You can also make changes to the quantities or swap ingredients if you want to.

You can also get your shopping list delivered to your door in as little as an hour, thanks to Yummly’s integration with Instacart. You can choose the store you want, the delivery time, and more. Once you’re finished shopping, you can go back to Yummly to see the ingredients you ordered.

Another great feature of Yummly is its recipe search. You can input the recipe ingredients and it will match it with the ingredients in your grocery list. Yummly also offers videos and tools to help you prepare your recipes more easily. The app also allows you to create collections to organize your recipes. It’s a great way to keep track of what you’re eating.

Yummly can be used on a computer, phone, or tablet. You can even share the list with others through email or text message. To share your list, simply sign in to your Yummly account and choose “Share”.

Amazon Fresh

If you live in a large metropolitan area, you may be familiar with Amazon Fresh. This online grocery store and delivery service is a subsidiary of the Seattle-based retail giant Amazon. It offers grocery delivery services and physical stores in most major U.S. cities. But what exactly is Amazon Fresh? What can you expect when you order from it?

Amazon Fresh allows you to make grocery orders online, and you can get them the next day, or you can even get same-day delivery. It also allows you to make changes to your order before it ships. You can also track your purchase history and easily re-order frequently-ordered items. You can even set up recurring items, and they will automatically be placed in your cart based on the frequency that you choose.

Amazon Fresh can be a useful tool for many people. It provides easy access to high-quality, fresh foods at affordable prices. If you have a habit of buying certain items, such as dairy, meat, or eggs, you can create a grocery shopping list with the items you regularly buy. And it’s not just grocery delivery that’s easier with Amazon. You can also use Amazon Fresh as a hub for other Amazon activities, including online apparel and electronics.

Amazon Fresh allows you to choose whether you want your groceries delivered at home or at the store. The app will show you exactly what’s in your cart. The mobile app also has an indicator to let you know when your delivery will be made. Lastly, you can choose a time and date for pickup or delivery.

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