How to Add TSA PreCheck to Alaska Airlines


If you’re planning on taking an Alaska flight, you may be wondering how to add TSA PreCheck to your account. The first step is to make sure that you qualify. If you do, you’ll get a PreCheck enabled BP, which you can use at any airport in Alaska. Then, make sure that the PreCheck checkpoint is attached to the concourse with your departure gate.

Known traveler number (KTN)

TSA precheck in Alaska is an airport security service that enables travelers to skip the lines at security checkpoints. TSA precheck members don’t need to remove belts, shoes, or light jackets. They are also allowed to carry liquids and laptops without a problem. Children under 12 years of age are also allowed to stay with their parents during the precheck process.

TSA Precheck is available in Alaska at several airports. To use the service, a traveler must qualify and opt in to the program. Once approved, they will receive a PreCheck-enabled BP. To use the program at a specific airport, a PreCheck checkpoint must be adjacent to the concourse containing the departure gate.

Known traveler numbers allow travelers to avoid long security lines. Passengers may qualify to use this service by submitting their fingerprints and completing an interview with the TSA. Applicants must be a citizen of the U.S. or have lawful permanent resident status. To use the service, they must pay an application fee of $85.50. Once approved, the Known Traveler Number is valid for five years.

TSA has six enrollment centers in Alaska. One is in Juneau at 3161 Channel Drive. The others are in Ketchikan, Sitka, Sktchikan, Wrangell, and Craig. These centers are open 24/7.

When applying for TSA precheck in Alaska, it is important to remember that your KTN will expire in five years. Often people forget to renew the KTN after the five-year period has passed. Even though you may be in a rush for a flight, you will not get the same benefits if you don’t apply early.

A KTN is an extremely useful tool to make traveling easier. Known traveler numbers are a great way to avoid long lines at airport security checkpoints. They also let airlines know that you are trustworthy. They are able to quickly and efficiently scan your boarding pass and make the process faster. If you’re unsure of your KTN, consider messaging the airline directly on social media.

TSA precheck is a popular benefit for travelers. It allows travelers to bypass the lines at security checkpoints, and save time and money. The application process is fast and easy. The only catch is that you don’t always get chosen by random.


The cost to add TSA precheck to an Alaska Airlines membership is just under $80. The airline will deduct 10,000 miles from your account for the program. You’ll also get a code to use on their website to apply for the program. In-state round-trip tickets start at 15,000 miles, and round-trip tickets to Canada and the Lower 48 start at 25,000 miles.

Adding TSA PreCheck to an airline’s membership is free, but renewing it is a little more expensive. The cost of TSA PreCheck membership is $85, but most travel credit cards will reimburse you for it. The program is good for five years, and you can renew it at any time by filling out the application online. The application fee for renewal is $85 in person, but the cost of online renewals is lower.

In addition to the TSA precheck membership, Alaska Airlines also offers the Trusted Traveler program. This program allows travelers to register and have their fingerprints checked at airport security. This program is available at over 500 airports. You can enroll online, or at the airport and visit the TSA enrollment center. The enrollment process usually takes 10 minutes, and requires fingerprinting and a background check.

For those looking to use TSA precheck to save time, Alaska Airlines has a special program for frequent flyers. If you have an Alaska Airlines card, you can redeem up to 10,000 miles from the program to pay for TSA precheck on Alaska Airlines flights. This offer runs through April 30. The program allows travelers to skip the belts, shoes, and jackets at security screening.

Joining TSA precheck is easy and costs just $85 for five years. You can also renew the membership online if you wish. You’ll receive a Known Traveler Number that allows you to use TSA precheck security lanes. Once you’re approved, you can check your status at any time online.

TSA precheck is a federal government program that saves travelers time at airport security. However, it’s also available for airlines like United and Delta. It’s a great option if you travel abroad frequently. The TSA precheck program can also save you time during immigration if you are traveling from abroad.


When it comes to traveling by plane, the best way to make the process faster and easier is to add TSA Precheck to your reservation. This program allows members to bypass long lines at airport security. In addition, TSA Precheck members don’t have to remove their shoes, belts, or light jackets. They can also carry liquids and laptop computers. Additionally, children under the age of 12 are allowed to remain with their parent during the flight.

Alaska is one of thirteen US airports that participate in TSA PreCheck. The process is easy and free. All you have to do is opt in to the program. Once you are approved, you will receive a PreCheck-enabled BP.

You can enroll in the program by visiting any of the 500+ enrollment centers across the country. It takes about 10 minutes and includes fingerprinting for background checks. You can also get the program through your Known Traveler Number. However, if you do not have a Known Traveler Number, you will still be required to undergo a security check.

If you are traveling with your family, TSA PreCheck is an essential benefit. If you are a frequent flyer, TSA PreCheck will save you time. Moreover, the expedited security screening process means that your entire family can pass through the screening process quickly and easily. This expedited security screening service is especially helpful for parents who have to deal with kids.

TSA PreCheck membership is a free program and requires only a few minutes of your time each time you travel. As long as you are logged into your airline’s website and provide the correct information, you’ll be able to skip security lines at the airport.

Mileage plan reimbursement policy

The Mileage Plan is one of the world’s most popular frequent-flier programs, and the Alaska Airlines program offers a unique benefit: you can redeem up to 10,000 miles for TSA PreCheck for free. This deal is good until April 30, and it allows you to skip the long lines at the TSA precheck checkpoint. Other benefits of Precheck include expedited screening, which allows you to leave your shoes, belt, and jacket on.

For those with mileage plans, Alaska Airlines has a generous mileage reimbursement policy. The airline deducts 10,000 miles from the account of anyone who qualifies for TSA Precheck, and then provides an application code. You can find a list of eligible flight routes on the Alaska Airlines mileage plan site. Round-trip tickets within the state of Alaska begin at 15,000 miles, while round-trip tickets to the Lower 48 and Canada start at 25,000 miles.

Alaska miles are worth a lot of money. According to TPG, each mile is worth about two cents, which is higher than any other airline currency. That means that 10,000 miles are worth more than $200, far surpassing the PreCheck application fee of $85 or the Global Entry application fee of $100. In addition, Alaska miles are accepted by many partner airlines worldwide, making it possible to use your miles for award flights and other travel expenses.

Alaska is part of the Oneworld alliance. Its partners include Emirates, Singapore Airlines, and Aer Lingus. The mileage earn rates on each airline are unique. You can earn mileage on an economy fare, but you may not get as much as you can if you fly premium.

The Mileage Plan reimbursement policy for TSA PreCheck in Alaska is flexible. You can use the TSA PreCheck service for up to five consecutive flights. It costs $85 and is valid for five years. During the checkpoint, you will be asked to take off your shoes, belt, and light jacket, as well as any liquids or gels.

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