How to Change App Colors on Your iPhone

If you want to change app icons on your iPhone, you can do so with the Shortcuts app. Once you have installed Shortcuts, open the app by selecting the + button at the top right corner. In the Shortcuts window, search for “open app” under Actions. You will see a list of apps with their respective icons, which you can then choose to change. You can also change the shortcut name or the icon colour from this screen.

Shortcuts app

The Shortcuts app offers many customization options for apps. For instance, you can change the color of the app icon. You can also change the name of the app. You should make sure that the name is something that you can recognize. You can customize app colors by clicking the settings icon next to the app name.

Shortcuts can be used to bookmark applications. Instead of opening them from the Home Screen, users can save these shortcuts and access them quickly. Shortcuts can be customized with custom icons or wallpapers. They can also include actions. Once you have created custom shortcuts, you can choose to add more to your Home Screen. This feature makes it easy to manage the shortcuts you use most.

In iOS 14, users can personalize their home screen by changing the app icon colors. You can also use 3rd party widgets to customize your home screen. You can even install custom icon for your apps to enhance their aesthetic appeal. But if you are not a fan of third-party apps, changing app icons is still an easy way to make your home screen look more customized.

If you want to change the icon colors of your shortcuts, you can go into the settings of the Shortcuts app. The icon of the Shortcuts app is dark blue with pink and green squares inside. You can find it on the home screen or in the Productivity and Finance folder of the App Library. The Shortcuts app doesn’t have notification badges, so you won’t need to worry about losing them.

The Shortcuts app allows you to change the app icon colors, glyph and icon. Depending on the level of customization you want, the process can be long and tedious. However, the end result can be worth it. Just be sure to follow the instructions carefully. The changes will be saved in the Shortcuts app.

While you can change the icon colors of your shortcuts through Settings, you can also customize your iPhone’s Home screen color. This can be done to match the wallpaper or to match a minimalist style. For this, you need to update your device to iOS 14 or later. If you have an older iPhone, you might need to download the Shortcuts app separately.


Widgetsmith is a free application that can be used to change the colors of app icons on your iPhone. The app is available in three sizes and has a variety of customizable features, including changing the color of the app icon and its font. To download the app, go to the App Store and search for Widgetsmith. Then, add a few widgets that you’d like to customize.

Widgetsmith is an application designed by David Smith, creator of popular iPhone and Apple Watch apps. This app allows you to create customized widgets to display information on your home screen. You can choose different font styles, tint colors, and background colors, which allows you to create an aesthetically appealing presentation for your iPhone.

Widgetsmith can change the colors of widgets, as well as the colors of their backgrounds and borders. You can change the color of your widget’s font, tint, or background and border, as well as change the widget’s size. Once you’re satisfied with your widget’s appearance, Widgetsmith will allow you to edit it and change its colors.

Another great feature of Widgetsmith is its ease of use. It’s simple to create a new widget with Widgetsmith, and the pre-designed templates make it easy to use. Widgetsmith is an excellent app for creating custom widgets for your iPhone. This app also integrates with your existing stock apps.

The Widgetsmith application is compatible with iOS 14 and 15. It has a free version and a premium version that costs $20 per year. The subscription is charged to your iTunes account. In addition, the premium version also comes with an exclusive weather and tide widget. Once you purchase Widgetsmith, you’ll get access to more widgets and widget styles, including the popular Tides widget.

Widgetsmith allows you to customize the colors of widgets on your iPhone. With this app, you can assign tasks to each app, change its icon, and even assign it a picture. And you can even add widgets to customize your home screen.

Icon Themer & Icon Changer

Icon Themer & Icon Changeer is a comprehensive platform for changing app icons on the iPhone. It allows you to change the color and style of icons in your iPhone apps. You can choose from a wide variety of free themes, or you can create your own. You can also customize widgets and app icons. The designs are clean and easy to blend with any iPhone wallpaper. The app also lets you change the color of the iPhone charging animation.

Icon Themer provides a great set of free and premium icon sets for your iPhone. With these, you can easily create unique icon sets and customize your home screen to match your needs. It also provides original PSD or SVG files of your icons, so you can customize them further.

Another important feature of the Icon Themer is its ability to search for any app. You can use it to change the icon of any app, even those that do not have the country icon in their app list. You can even change the color of an icon by changing the icon’s glyph, which is the glyph used to create shortcuts. However, you should note that changing an icon will not guarantee your app will work with your device.

Icon Themer is a very simple app to use. The app comes with a variety of themes, including those inspired by nature. However, it has fewer theme options than many popular apps. For this reason, Icon Themer is a good option for people who prefer a simple, minimalist design.

In addition to changing app colors, the icon changer will also allow users to change the icons used by apps. You can choose from many free and premium icon packs. You can download these icons through the Google Play Store and apply them to your apps. You can choose from a variety of icon sizes.

The app also allows users to customize their home screens. It can change the colors of widgets, change app icons, and add shortcuts to their apps. Another feature of this app is that you can change app icons without jailbreaking or installing any third-party apps. The app also features a website that offers user-friendly instructions on how to install and customize the icon changes.


Color Blast is a photo-color-effects app that lets you change the colors of your photos. You can use the app for Instagram, Facebook, and more. The app is available in the App Store for 99 cents. It has a user-friendly interface, and you can switch between editing modes through the navigation menu at the bottom. It’s easy to use and requires little to no training.

ColorBlast is a popular app in the United States and iOS. It lets you highlight specific colors in photos and videos. It uses selective color technology, so you don’t have to worry about painting outside of the lines. It also allows you to tint the background and change the colors of objects.

To download the ColorBlast app colors on iPhone, simply click the download button below. The App Store will take you to the download page. If you experience any issues with downloading, please contact the app’s developer. ColorBlast is not available in every country. If the app is blocked in your country, you may be able to use a VPN to access it.

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