How to Create Folder in Gmail

In this article, you’ll learn how to create folders in Gmail, along with labels and sub-labels. Then, you’ll be able to use labels to structure folders and display messages in different ways. The best way to use labels in Gmail is by creating one for each type of message you send.


If you want to categorize all your emails in Gmail, you can create sub-labels. These labels will appear next to the ones you already have. This is helpful for organizing multiple emails that have similar characteristics. For example, you can create separate sub-labels for emails that come from a specific sender, or for emails from a certain team.

First, you have to create an initial label. To do this, click on the Settings button on your Gmail window. From here, you can click on Labels. Click the Create new label link in the Labels section. When you’re done, the label will appear in the far left column of your main Gmail window. Hovering over the label will reveal a drop-down arrow icon. Clicking this icon will open a new menu. On the left side, you can find Add sub-label.

Another useful way to organize your email in Gmail is to create labels for different things. You can also set aliases, filters, and forwarding to improve its efficiency. For instance, if you have a Gmail email account and use it for business purposes, you can create a label for that.

When creating labels in Gmail, you can use them as sub-folders. For example, you can create sub-labels for emails related to human resources. This will help you quickly find the emails you need. Additionally, you can change the color of the labels so that you can customize them for a specific look.


In Google Mail, you can create folders by using labels. Labels are similar to folders, but are more flexible. Instead of copying each message, you can add a label to the message, allowing you to easily find what you’re looking for. You can also color-code your labels if you prefer.

To use labels, you need to have a Gmail account. Then, you need to go to the Gmail app and create a new label. You’ll see the label on the left side of the screen. You can click on the label to see its contents. Labels are nested, so you can create more than one label.

In Gmail, you can create multiple labels to organize your emails. This feature is available on the web version and in the Gmail app for iOS. To create multiple labels, you’ll need to click the Create new label button. Once you click it, a new dialog box will open. Select a label you want to apply to the email.

Labels are used to group related emails into folders. You can also add new labels within existing labels in the Gmail app. The DONE button is located in the top-right corner of the menu. Select the email you want to move to a label and tap the DONE button to add it to the new label. You can also apply multiple labels to a single email by tapping it and holding it.


Nesting folders in Google Mail allows you to organize your inbox by creating subfolders. All you need is a Gmail account and the ability to nest labels. The process is similar to creating subfolders in Outlook. To create a label, select the email that you wish to label and click the label icon. You can then check or uncheck the label to add or remove it.

You can nest folders in Gmail by first creating a new folder, then creating additional ones. Adding a folder is easy, and it only takes a few seconds. You can also use the same process to move messages between folders. In Gmail, you can nest multiple levels and subcategories.

Nesting folders in Google Mail are useful for people who work on their email at different times. Nesting folders help you keep track of all emails related to one project or person. For example, you could nest your clients’ emails under the label “Dan.” This way, you can see all your correspondence under the same label.

Another useful feature in Gmail is the ability to nest labels. Labels are like subfolders of the same folder. They appear on the left-hand side of the screen. You can select individual labels or group them by clicking them. Nesting folders and labels in Gmail can help you organize and sort your emails.

Gmail’s version of folders

Gmail labels are essentially Gmail’s version of folders. Just like folders, they contain the same content as their desktop counterparts but come with different naming schemes. Labels can be accessed on the Gmail web client, iPhone or Android mobile devices. Using labels can help you find emails quickly and easily.

Labels are an essential part of Gmail’s organisational system. They are similar to folders in Outlook and let you easily assign meaning to emails. You can create as many labels as you like. You can also leave some messages unlabeled. Then, when you need to find a particular email, you can simply drag it to a label.

Labels can be created in Gmail by clicking the Manage labels tab. Click the Create new label button and name it. This opens a new dialog box. In this dialog box, you can add different labels to label emails. You can also color code your labels. Using labels in Gmail is similar to using folders on a spreadsheet.

Labels in Gmail can be customized and nested. By renaming labels, you can sort your emails easily and quickly. You can also change the color of your labels to match your personal preferences.


To rename folders in Google Mail, navigate to the left sidebar of your account. Click on “Labels,” and type in a new name. You can also add text before or after the current name. You can also add an index or custom formatting. You can also rename labels for certain types of emails.

Yahoo Mail also supports renaming folders. When you double-click on a folder, the new folder name is applied. Clicking on another folder will load its contents. To change a folder name in Yahoo Mail, click on the name in the folder’s right pane. Once you have made the changes, you can click “Save” and hit Enter. Yahoo Mail will then move the folders alphabetically by the new name.

Changing the label of a folder is easy in Gmail. Hovering the mouse over the label reveals three vertical dots. Clicking on the label will open a dialog box that allows you to rename the folder. If you want to keep the label as is, click the “X” icon.

Snooze tool

Google’s Snooze feature helps you manage your email inbox by putting it on hold until a later time. When you snooze an email, you can choose from predefined timeframes or specify your own delay. For example, if you receive 30 emails in the morning, you can snooze 15 of them so they appear in the afternoon.

Snoozed emails are stored in a folder in your Google Mail inbox, accessible by tapping on them from the sidebar menu. This allows you to find emails you want to reply to quickly. First, open your Gmail account. Next to the subject line, you’ll see a clock icon. Click the clock to see your predetermined time, or click the “Custom” option to set a custom time to respond.

After setting up your Snooze settings, you’ll receive notifications every time an email is snoozed. You can apply this snooze option to multiple messages at the same time, or you can apply it to one message at a time. After that, you can scroll through the messages in the Snoozed folder and choose when you want them to arrive.

If you don’t use Google’s Snooze tool, you can create labels instead. These are similar to folders, except that you can create subfolders within a folder. You can also create labels for individual messages.

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